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Check out our comprehensive list of products and services provided by EVO.

  • About Us

    With honest pricing, fast and secure transactions and outstanding service and support, EVO is one of the most innovative and customer focused card processors in the industry today.
  • B2B

    EVO B2B can offer you the lowest overall cost of payment acceptance in the B2B payments market.
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  • Bridge Business Intelligence®

    EVO’s Bridge brings you fast, reliable, and secure payment processing with convenient online reporting, all at an affordable price.
  • Careers

    Many companies will offer you a job, but at EVO, we offer you the chance to build a career.
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  • Merchants

    From point-of-sale systems to virtual terminals, EVO's suite of products helps you process transactions quickly, securely and affordably.
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  • Partners

    Lower transaction rates for merchants, superior service and support, generous residuals and bonuses, seamless integrations. Why partner with anyone else?
  • Privacy Policy

    EVO respects the privacy of our merchants and sales partners. Read our detailed privacy policy.
  • Resources

    EVO's Resource Center is the place to find the latest information on payment technology and products, white papers and case studies. View documents and videos and link to relevant sites on the Internet. Continually updated, EVO's Resource Center helps you keep up on the quickly changing payments industry.
  • SmartECR®

    EMV payment solutions can be hard to install, hard to support, and expensive. SmartECR® solves these issues with a single device.
  • Contact

    This is the contact form for EVO.
  • Datacap

    Datacap Systems develops innovative integrated payments solutions for any point of sale system. With EVO and Datacap, you get the security, functionality, and easy payment integrations you need to be successful.
  • ERP and Accounting System Integrators

    EVO B2B works closely with B2B merchants to securely integrate real-time card acceptance into existing workflows and corporate processes, including ERP and accounting software.
  • EVO’s Gift Cards

    Boost your sales, attract new customers, and generate more profit with this flexible program for any size business.
  • Integration Toolkit

    EVO develops innovative technology solutions to take payment integration to the next level for our software developers.
  • ISOs

    EVO offers Independent Sales Offices and agents the best income potential in the card processing industry.

    Become your merchants trusted advisor. As your partner, EVO is committed to providing you with the resources you need to meet Visa’s new requirements for security training and certification.
  • POS Developers

    EVO offers you fast, flexible and secure payment integration that showcases your brand and builds your revenue.
  • POS Resellers

    EVO’s goal as your processing partner is to help your business become more profitable. We make it easy for you to do business with us!
  • Security

    EVO was one of the first payment processors to be credited with meeting the highest security standards in the industry. At EVO, the security of our merchants and their customers is our highest priority.
  • Support

    With EVO, our Partners have dedicated support teams to help grow their businesses.
  • SNAP

    Secure and convenient online access to powerful business tools and detailed reporting available anytime, anywhere via the Internet.
  • Solutions (Integrated)

    EVO has the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal payment solutions for any business.
  • Solutions (Programs and Services)

    From gift cards, business productivity tools and online reporting, EVO has developed a suite of programs and services to help merchants attract new customers and manage their businesses profitably and efficiently.
  • Payment Solutions

    EVO’s standalone and semi-integrated payment solutions are designed with convenience, security and simplicity in mind. Accept payments whenever and wherever you do business so you’ll never miss a sale.
  • Payment Solutions

    EVO has the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal payment solutions for any business.
  • API

    Build your application to suit your customers’ needs and let EVO handle the payment processing. All you need to do is integrate to our API.
  • Gateway

    EVO Gateway quickly and securely authorizes payments for web-based and e-commerce merchants.
  • Semi-Integrated Terminals

    EVO offers a wide range of semi-integrated terminals that combine the most advanced technologies, meet the highest security standards and accept all forms of electronic payments.
  • Standalone Terminals

    Built with the highest security standards, EVO offers the latest standalone, countertop terminals that accept all electronic payment methods including EMV chip and PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless.
  • EVO’s Virtual Terminal

    A low cost and trouble-free payment solution for your business. Process transactions quickly and securely from any Internet connected PC or laptop.
  • Choose a Processing Partner Invested in Your Success

    EVO is a leading payment processor in the integrated payments space. We continually invest in ways to drive growth for our POS reseller partners.
  • EVO Rebranding Initiative

    Sterling has implemented a unified brand strategy with its parent company, EVO Payments, Inc. Under the rebranding, Sterling is now conducting business under the EVO name.