EVO's Payment Solutions

EVO’s standalone and semi-integrated payment solutions are designed with convenience, security and simplicity in mind. Accept payments whenever and wherever you do business so you’ll never miss a sale.

Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions

Semi-Integrated Terminals

EVO offers a wide range of semi-integrated terminals that combine the most advanced technologies, meet the highest security standards and accept all forms of electronic payment including, EMV chip and PIN, EMV chip and signature, contactless and mobile NFC for Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Standalone Payment Solutions


EVO offers the latest standalone, countertop terminals that accept all electronic payment methods including EMV chip and PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless. Built with the highest security standards, these terminals are EMV certified for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. They support EMV tip adjust and include secure point to point encryption (P2PE) of card track data.

EVO Virtual Terminal

EVO VT is an ideal payment solution for many business types – businesses without a storefront, vendors at trade shows , merchants who sell from a website, and merchants who accept mail orders and telephone orders. There is no expensive hardware to purchase or software to download. You simply open your Internet browser and start processing payments quickly and securely.

Mobile Payment Solutions

EVO has partnered with Ingenico to offer the EMV-certified mobile point of sale solution, ROAMpay. ROAMpay is available for download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Merchants can use their own mobile device, download ROAMpay, and be ready to accept payments anywhere with little effort and setup costs. ROAMpay has two encrypted EMV card reader options, the Ingenico MOBY/ 3000 and the Ingenico RP457.

Ingenico MOBY/3000

Small, sleek, and simple, the MOBY/3000 is one of the most cost-effective Bluetooth EMV card readers available. The MOBY/3000 combines traditional mag stripe card acceptance with EMV chip card acceptance. For payments on the go, the MOBY/3000 is small enough to put in a gear bag, tool box, or pocket.

Ingenico RP457

Flexibility and versatility define the RP457, which includes traditional mag stripe card acceptance with EMV chip card and NFC contactless acceptance. Combining both audio jack and Bluetooth options, the RP457 has a multitude of configuration options. The optional docking station with charger makes a convenient payment device on the countertop with a mobility option.

ROAMpay 5

The ROAMpay 5 application, available through the App Store or Google Play, provides a simple point of sale application that runs on a merchant’s Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. The ROAMpay application allows for sale and refunds, sending email receipts, capturing signatures, storing a product list, and processing tax and in-line tips.

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Service and Support

EVO is nationally recognized for its service and support for over 150 terminals, POS systems and software applications. Our expert, multi-lingual technical teams and customer service representatives are located onsite. If you have a question, we’re here for you 24x7x365 at (800) 383-0561.

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EVO brings advances in the latest payment technology to small, regional and national businesses. Our goal is to:

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